Leather Cleaning

If you have your leather upholstery cleaned regularly by a professional, then you'll avoid the need for restorative work later on. Leather should be professionally maintained. It needs a skilled technician to properly care for it. If you improperly care for your leather upholstery, finish problems such as pigment cracking may result.

Tus Group uses Leather Master products, which are safe and effective for leather with over 300 tanneries and manufacturers endorsing these products. Leather is often advertised as low maintenance, but this does not imply that it requires no maintenance. In fact, aniline and nubuck leathers are extremely porous and require regular maintenance to keep it in top shape. Protected leather comes with a durable pigmented finish, but this finish will also wear away if the wrong chemicals are applied. This means that mild soap and water is not sufficient. You also should not use saddle soaps, mink oil, and other chemicals not specifically designed for leather.

Since leather is most often purchased to be used in the most active rooms, you will want to call Tus Group at 703-481-1261 to ensure the top condition and prolonged life of your investment.

Types of Leather

The first step in leather cleaning is identifying the type of leather. There are three basic types of leather: protected, aniline, and nubuck.


Also known as finished, semi-aniline, everyday, pigmented, and painted; these leathers have combined the best aspects of a natural product and have utilized tannery technology to create a product that is more uniform in appearance and color.


Also known as natural, pure, naked, and unprotected; these are leathers that are colored with transparent dyestuff; this means you can see the actual surface grain markings; these leathers have very little or no protective treatments applied to them.


Also known as chaps, distressed, bomber, and suede; nubuck is an aniline leather that has been brushed, sanded, or scratched to create a velvet or pile feel or look to the grain side of leather; suede is the flesh side of the hide and is of lower quality.

How to Quickly Identify Leather Type

Lightly scratch the leather in an unnoticeable area. If a scratch mark appears, it is aniline or nubuck. If no scratch mark appears, it is protected leather.


Your home deserves the best care it can get, and you can rest assured that it will with Tus Group Our specialists are carefully trained and certified by the best organizations in the industry. The following are certifications obtained by Tus Group Owner and President, Peter Tu.

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